Sub-assembly Test

Power Supply Solution for Vibration Test Jig

Seat Test - Where Access Is a Problem

ECU Programming Station

ECU Test Station

ECU Programming Station

Machine to Harness Interface

Machine to Harness Interface

Sub-assembly Testing

Jackmark combines the latest technologies to develop innovative electrical test connector solutions of the highest integrity, providing durable factory-floor solutions for repetitive manufacturing environments.

Our dedicated and vastly experienced design team liaise closely with our customers to produce bespoke solutions using the latest 3D software.

Jackmark employ a prototyping procedure which guarantees that the customer gets a solution and not just a product.

Stand alone test fixtures or solutions designed for integration into our customers test equipment.

Manual, pneumatic or electrically operated latching mechanisms can be provided.

Options for; switched sensors for part detection, colour coding of the connector, LED indicators, suspension points for connector stowage, parking units to isolate the connector when it is not in use.

Listed below are a few of the applications where Jackmark have provided custom designed solutions.

  • Seat test
  • Door Test
  • Cockpit (IP) test
  • ECU programming
  • Air Con / Climate Control
  • Fuel Pumps
  • ABS Fluid Fill
  • Gear Box
  • Lights
  • Bumper assembly
  • Fuel tank
  • Sunroof