Jackmark Engineering Privacy Policy

What we collect

The following personal information is currently collected at Jackmark:

How we collect information

Most of the information we store and process is provided by customers of Jackmark. This can be via e-mail, post, telephone or other verbal communication. The online form, requires the visitor to provide their name, company, email address and telephone before it can be submitted. Any personal information disclosed in the enquiry is also stored by Jackmark.

How we use personal data

The rationale behind collecting user data at Jackmark is to maintain effective relations with our potential and existing customers. This can be in the form of:

The data we store is not shared with any organisations or individuals without explicit consent from you.

How long do we hold your personal data

Effective communication being a precondition to a high standard of customer service, personal information is stored for as long as Jackmark believes it is necessary in order to continue providing business to our clients, or until you make an explicit request to update or delete your data on our system using the contact details below.

Server Logs

The software used by Jackmark to answer HTTP requests (such as when clicking a hyperlink or typing https://jackmark.com into your browser's address bar), keeps records of all connections in the form of server log files. These records provide essential information to resolve technical problems and ensure flawless operation of our web service.

The following data is recorded:

Google Maps

We use the Google Maps mapping platform to provide a convenient way for our customers to find Jackmark. This is done with an embedded "iframe" element on one of our pages. A connection to Google LLC servers is made whenever a visitor navigates to our "Contact" page.

Google may use your current location to estimate your position on the map if you agree to share it by giving appropriate permission in your desktop or mobile web browser. This is usually done via a popup window with "Allow" and "Don't Allow" options. If you do not see a popup, Google may still be able to track your location.

How to get in touch

+44 1782 825555
Jackmark Engineering Ltd, Jackmark House, Scott Lidgett Road, Longport, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST6 4NH