Wiring Harness Test

Jackmark manufactures build fixtures and test parts for the wiring harness industry. We provide a full in-house design service to suit your bespoke application and test requirements. Our parts provide a trouble-free, reliable and efficient solution for harness build through to end-of-line test.

  • Modular Flat-Bed Test Table
  • Modular Flat-Bed Test Parts
  • Build and Test Board-Mounted Parts
  • Clips, Bracket and Grommet Build and Presence Test Jigs
Optional Test Part Features
  • Electrical Continuity Test
  • Vacuum Seal Detection
  • Clip, Tie Wrap and Cover Detection
  • Colour Recognition
  • Bent Pin Deflection Plate
  • Connector Eject Pin
  • Connector Presence Switch
  • Pneumatic Catch Release
  • LEDs fitted to indicate test failure
  • Can be mounted into a Flat-Bed Test Table
  • Can be wired to specification
  • Sizes from 100mm × 50mm to 100mm × 250mm
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